Arts and Crafts

Above Ground Art   Toronto - Ontario, Canada.

Sells more than 17,000 items.


Arctic Trading Company   Churchill - Manitoba, Canada.

Sells a wide range of handmade products, including Caribou Hair Sculpturing, Tufting, and Handmade Slippers.


Atelier Bernard Chaudron   Val David - Quebec, Canada.

Sells pewter ware made from an alloy containing at least 92 % tin, the North American standard, with added antimony and copper. This lead free alloy is non toxic, leaves no taste deformations and will not tarnish.


Trade wind Knitwear Designs   Dartmouth - Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sells yarns, fine needles, and knitting books; staterooms harboring amazing knitting bags, jewelry and other knitterly toys.


Hawke Originals : Jewelry   Hantsport - Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sells individually hand crafted Jewelry, they do not mass produce by casting.