Beauty Products

Abantu Beauty Products   Burnaby - British Columbia, Canada.
Sells many types of Synthetic/Human Hair, Skin Care & Hair Care Products.


Revive Hot Towel Co.   Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada.

Sells single-use hot towels and hot towel warmers to dentist offices, doctors offices, spas, and restaurants. Serve them chilled or warmed, individually wrapped and disposable.


A World of Good Health   Winnipeg - Manitoba, Canada.

Sells the highest quality traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, and aromatherapy based products. With a focus on purity of ingredients, quality of manufacture, and proven results.


Saffron Rouge   Guelph - Ontario, Canada.

Sells a select group of organic face and skin care products that represent the best the world and nature have to offer.


Innov'Import International   Montreal - Quebec, Canada.
Sells the cosmetic Palma line, made with Palma Christi l'Originelle castor oil for healthy skin.


Lush Life Cosmetics   Vancouver - British Columbia, Canada.

Sells the youngest, freshest products in the history of cosmetics.